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Under Insulated & Air Leakage in Island Heights, NJ

Before: Attic Flat Area: Under insulated, large air leakage from conditioned space below, not safe to walk on. 

After: Same attic flat area. "Super deck installed." Original deck removed and all air leakage om that space sealed to prevent heat loss, 4" R-20 Silver Glo board insulation installed over 2"x16" o.c. rafters, 1/2 o.s.b decking installed on top of Silver Glo. 6" cavity below Silver Glo dense packed with cellulose insulation!

Result: R-40 super insulated, Super Strong Super Deck!!!

Cold Floors, High Humidity, & Cave Cricket Infestation in Island Heights, NJ

Before: Typical vented crawl space with earth floors - problems = ice cold wooden floors above, very high humidity all year round, especially in the summer and infested with cave crickets!

 After: Same crawl space - after Dr. Energy Saver's patented: Crawl Encapsulation System.

  • Earth floor covered and sealed with clean space 20mm liner.
  • Walls insulated with 2" R-10 Silver Glo boards. Rim joist air sealed and insulated with 2" closed cell spray foam.
  • Original foundation vents sealed.

Result: Warm, dry crawl space, warm floors above, greatly reduced energy consumption in the whole house 

Note: The cave crickets from before, don't like clean dry spaces and have been greatly reduced. 

Attic Insulation in Island Heights, NJ

Before: Typical attic knee wall with very cold room on other side. 

After: Same knee wall properly sheathed, sealed, and draft blocked below. Note: New insulation has radiant barrier reflecting heat away!!

Poorly Insulated Skylight in Freehold, NJ

When your homes skylight is not insulated properly, it can allow a lot of hot air to move from the attic into your home's living space. This was the problem at a home in Freehold, NJ. Their skylight was insulated by flimsy, fluffy, fiberglass insulation. So they called the experts at Dr. Energy Saver to solve the problem!

By encapsulating the framing of the skylight in 2" high density polyisocyanurate foam board you can heavily reduce the airflow and amount of heat moving through the cavity and into your home. Resulting in cooler rooms during the summer and warmer during the winter.

This family saved on their energy expenses with this simple fix! 

Attic Insulation in Freehold, NJ

If your attic shares a vertical border wall with a room, generally this room is closer to the temperature of the attic than the rest of the house. This was the case of this Freehold, NJ home. The only thing that was standing between the room and the outside air was a thin piece of sheet rock and some weak, ineffective fiberglass insulation. In the summers, the room gets burning hot, and in the winters, it gets extremely cold! These homeowners decided to call us for help.

To stop the free movement of air through this wall, we created an airtight seal by filling all cracks and crevices with closed cell foam. We then covered the foam with two inch reflective polyisocyanurate foam board - resulting in a room that is consistent with the temperature throughout the rest of the house. Without that free-flowing air between the attic and the room, the homeowners are very comfortable! 

If you're not comfortable in your home, contact us today!

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